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Amy will be teaching a variety of photography classes and workshops at The Studio at Contempo in Boalsburg, PA.  Feel free to inquire for details at

Current class offerings include:


Fundamentals of Exposure
With Amy Bader

Want to know and really understand how you camera works and sets exposure?  Join us as we discuss how your cameras “sees” light and the elusive exposure triangle (ISO, aperture and shutter speed).  Amy takes an intuitive approach to teaching these technical skills that will make your light bulb go off when it comes to setting your camera.  It isn’t too hard — You CAN do IT!

This course is geared for individuals with a camera capable of manual settings (including mirror-less cameras and DSLRs), please bring camera to class.

WORKSHOP on Jan 27th, 7-9pm

More than Snapshots
Family Photography
With Amy Bader and Fara Lippincott

Looking to capture something besides your 7-year-old making that beaver face, again?  Want a family album that isn’t just the family vacation and shots of everyone smushed together when you were all dressed up for grandma’s 80th birthday party?

Then join two of State College’s experienced child and family photographers for 4 weeks of tips and tricks and learn to see, and capture, your family in a whole new light.

These one-hour classes will discuss and provide examples of  new ideas for capturing your family and children:  new settings to consider, ideas on composition and lighting, and ways to document real moments and memories beautifully.

This course is open to photographers of all skill levels and with any type of equipment — film camera, point-and-shoot, dSLR or iPhone.  However, please be familiar with your equipment, as the course will focus on inspiration and concepts, rather than strictly technical skills.  Small assignments will be given, and avenues for sharing with classmates on-line will be provided.

NEXT SESSION Feb 3 & 17th, 7-9pm

Learning to See
Photography as Meditation
With Amy Bader

It can be so easy to get sucked into the endless votex of to-dos.  We all need to slow down.  In this course, learn to use photography as a meditative tool.  Each day contains some kind of beauty, even days spent home with sick children.  Learn to take your camera and find that moment of beauty.  Along with seeking beauty comes the opportunity to practice gratitude for those simple, small moments.

Over the course of four weeks you will be provided with themes to explore and prompts for projects. We will have an on-line venue for classmates to share and provide support and feedback.  As winter wanes and we look toward spring, join me for a month of seeing and finding gratitude in the everyday.

This course is open to photographers of all skill levels and with any type of equipment.  While certain technical concepts may be touched upon, the course is primarily focused on the regular practice of photography, therefore it would be best to have a basic familiarity with your equipment.

NEXT SESSION March 3 & 17, 7-8:30pm

Fundamentals of Editing
With Amy Bader

Ready to start adding another layer to your photography skills?  Then this is the workshop for you.  We will explore a variety of aspects of post-processing — from white balance and exposure to contrast and color balance.  This workshop is geared for photographers using editing software typically provided by their camera manufacturer, or others such as Lightroom, iPhoto, ACR, and PicMonkey.   This is not a Photoshop or Photoshop Elements course, although concepts do apply.  We will walk through an entire edit, from beginning to end, as well as discussing common corrections and conversion to black and white or monotone.  Students are welcome to bring laptops with their software to follow along or ask questions.

WORKSHOP to be announced

January 25, 2013 - 3:02 pm

Holly ~ Soupatraveler - Love the site! And so excited about these classes!

December 11, 2013 - 8:40 pm

Greg Gotwalt - Hi, I am interested in photography classes, when your next classes are, and how much?

Thank you

December 16, 2013 - 12:03 pm

admin - Hi Greg! Thanks for asking — next class will be Fundamentals in Editing on January 11, Sat morning from 9-10:30am, $30. Email me at with questions or let me know what you are looking for!

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