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Graduation Week: Part 1

It’s here — the last week of school. Some of us are lamenting the end of school (like me!). Others are eager to for the beginning of summer. But there is one special group of parents in our community — those who will be celebrating a High School Graduate on Saturday! I imagine it to be an incredibly bittersweet time for these families. What a roller coaster of emotions they must be experiencing!

For myself, I am excited for a special honor on Saturday. As a member of our local school board, I am privileged to participate in the graduation ceremony. I’m so touched to have this honor, and I can’t wait to watch the amazing young men and women that I photographed this year as they accept their diplomas.

It seemed a great week to revisit those amazing sessions. I learn so much about the young people in our community when I take senior portraits. Those sessions are a great antidote for any worries about our modern world. These students show such promise and hope to change the world, and I know they are going to be successful.

I thought we’d start the week with two incredible young men. These guys were quite opposites — one plays in the classical orchestra, the other the electric guitar in a band. Either way, they brought so much to our community in high school and will surely do amazing things in the future.



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