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When I embarked on a business in photography I was fairly certain my focus would be completely on children and families — that is where my strengths lie.  But of course, like any adventure, you find yourself taking a few twists and turns, a few off-shoots and new paths where often you are surprised by a fabulous view.

In the past year I’ve been approached several times to work one-on-one with individuals needing environmental portraits, often referred to as headshots, for their social media presence and websites.  While it can be simple to just capture a person’s face — with excellent lighting naturally — it is another thing to try and capture their nature.  But for many of us in the small business community, portraying all we stand for in an image can be crucial in this fast-paced digital world.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know people and about their businesses and other passions in order to help them convey that through their pictures.

Through Pathways to Inner Peace, Adriene’s work focuses on integrating psychological healing and spiritual work — so choosing a location in nature, and featuring that in her images was very important to her.  Spring Creek made for a great setting.  Her husband Petere is a licensed massage therapist who also works at spiritual reatreat,and is writing a book on energy and spirituality.  You can find out more about Peter’s work at Manifest Healing — experience the highest of mind, body, & spirit.   I so enjoyed working with Adriene and Peter, loved portraying their peaceful outlook through these images.


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