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Calling All Friends and Farmers

Things have been changing at our house the last few years.  I’ve been making changes, bit by bit, in how I shop — particularly how I food shop.  We lived in upstate New York for many years, where I became a Wegman’s devotee.  It was the best place in the Buffalo area to get any sort of decent produce in the winter.  As my kids grew, so did the produce section of my grocery bill.  Which led me to think more about exactly what types of produce I buy and where they come from.

Fortunately in recent years, I’ve been able to make the move to buying more organic produce, and attempt to buy locally produced food when I can, although often it isn’t easy to do both.  But grocery shopping and cooking in my house isn’t a simple affair.  I’ve got one extremely picky eater, one carb-o-holic, one pretty good eater, and a husband with a schedule that often leaves his chair empty at dinner.  All that leads to a bit of burn out.

I wrote a bit about my efforts to break out of our cooking rut, one of the biggest endeavors being joining a CSA (community supported agriculture).  Joining Village Acres has been a great experience for our family this summer.  The kids are actually curious and excited to see what comes home in our share each week.  Granted, summer schedules have made it tough to take advantage of all the bounty but I keep trying.  I even tried some pickling.


This conscious move to organic and local also spurred us on to become Founding Members with the Friends and Farmers Cooperative.  The co-op goal would be to have a member-owned grocery store here in State College that would supply the community with local and sustainably produced goods.  I’ve been so impressed with the group of individuals who are pursuing this goal — I was proud to, not only become a founding member, but to become a Local Loyalty Partner as well!

So if you are a Friends and Farmers member (or you could always go out an become one!) — and you book a photography session with me, you receive 10% off all prints and products as a first time client, and all repeat clients who are members receive 5% off prints and products.  There are a variety of other wonderful local businesses that participate in the Local Loyalty program, so look into become a member and help this organization build an amazing co-operative grocery for our community!


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