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Centre Sings

Not long ago, a friend asked if I would donate my services for an upcoming fundraiser for Interfaith Human Services, a local non-profit who assists Centre County families in need in a variety of ways.  I’ve donated gift certificates for my services to auctions for some charitable organizations in the past — but this request was different.  IHS was hosting a singing competition, Centre Sings — with auditions, and a semi-final and finals competition — and needed some photographs of the participants.

My main task was to photograph head shots of the participants for the website and the brochure that was to be created for the semi-finals and finals.  To do so, I tagged along with the judges to several of the audition events scattered throughout the county.  I photographed the individual contestants after their audition.  It seemed it would be a simple job.  Until I met them all.  Each singer had their own history, their own story, their own reason for being there.  Many were young aspiring performers.  Others were more mature and wanted to indulge a passion.  All of them wanted to share their love of music and singing.  They were a diverse group, yet similar in many ways.

I attended and photographed the semi-finals a couple weeks ago and it was a wonderful event.  Full of the celebration of music.  There was such appreciation for everyone who participated and those who volunteered their time to create this fabulous event.  One thing I’ve been working to cultivate in my life is a sense of gratitude, and everyone that was part of this event had it.  Gratitude for their blessings, gratitude for their personal talents, gratitude to give and receive the gift of another’s time and efforts.


So assist a worthy organization, and don’t miss these dedicated performers on JUNE 1st at 7pm, at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in State College.

A heartfelt thank you to my friend Suzanne, and to the Executive Director Ruth Donahue for making me feel a part of the IHS community.


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