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Family Adventure

Every photographer loves to see clients who are moved by the images she captures of their children.  It’s why we do this job.  But I was particularly grateful to see it happen with the {C} family, who I think, didn’t quite expect it.

The {C} family is a family on the go.  They hike, she runs, the kids are in constant motion.  Every single day is an adventure, and they like it that way.

“We just can’t seem to do ‘cheese’ pictures,” she told me.

“That’s okay, ’cause I’m not a ‘cheese’ photographer,” I told her.

So after spending a fabulous fall afternoon together, where we probably logged in a mile or so of running around Tudek Park, I was delighted to present her with an array of images of her family on this adventure.  Believe or not, we even caught a ‘cheese’ picture.


But both our favorites were the ones that showed this family in their element — full of life and love, excitement and energy, and most of all, happiness.



December 11, 2013 - 8:38 pm

Jenn - Amy, thank you, what a beautiful blog entry! You truly captured our spirit & your talent shines through in each and every picture you presented to us. Many thanks for freezing these wonderful times of run us to cherish forever.
Jenn {C} 😉

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